Earphone Splitter/Stand for Smart Phones, Tablets, Music Players – Stylish, Practical and Fun!

29. April 2013 um 21:54 Uhr von Roger Di Stefano

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Earphone Splitter/Stand for Smart Phones, Tablets, Music Players – Stylish, Practical and Fun!

Werbemittelneuheit 2013: Earphone Kopfhörer Splitter mit praktischen Handy, Smartphone – Tabletstand.

Teilen Sie die Musik jetzt immer unterwegs mit Freunden und gleichzeitig einen praktischen Ständer für Ihr Mobilphone, Handy – Ipad – oder Smartphone.

Ein idealer Werbeartikel wenn Ihre Werbekampagne zum Beispiel Jugendliche anspricht oder wenns ums Thema Teilen oder Musik geht. Ideal zum Beispiel für trendige Banken für Kundengeschenke zum Weltspartag.

Heute noch Anfragen Werbeartikel – Werbemittel Neuheit für Jugendliche

Ab 500 Stück können wir diesen Artikel mit Logodruck anbieten zum Einführungspreis von je 2,22€ inklusive 1C Logodruck.

Weitere innovative Ideen Werbegeschenke zum Thema earphone kopfhörer finden Sie hier www.earphone-werbeartikel.de


Looking for a promotional gift for smart phones or music players which is stylish, practical and thoughtful? Why not get into the ’sharing‘ feeling with our new Earphone Splitter which also doubles up as a Smart Phone Stand! With a simple and funky shape and design – this is a perfect promotional gift for the younger generation – perfect for listening to music with friends, boyfriends or girlfriends! Or those of the older generation who want to share those older more embarrassing tunes without the rest of the world around being able to hear it!

This earphone splitter is compatible with almost all smart phones,tablets and music players including iPhone, iPod, HTC, Samsung and Blackberry and many more. With a 3.5cm earphone jack, simply plug in 2 3.5cm jack earphones into the earphone splitter and plug into your smart phone,tablet or music player – and your’re ready to share your music with your friend (without anyone else being able to hear it!)!

……And when you are not using the earphone splitter – use the practical suction stand to prop up your smart phone whilst watching videos, listening to music or looking at pictures! This definitely makes this earphone splitter different from all those out on the market!

The Earphone Splitter and Stand comes in a variety of colours, and of course comes with space to put your company logo to make it a great promotional gift! The Minimum Order Quantity for this product is 500 pieces with each piece cost 2,22€ with a 1-colour logo print. Definitely an affordable promotional gift which does not compromise on style!

So why not share this product with your customer today! E-mail c.distefano@edv-werbeartikel.de or call our dedicated sales team on +49 (0) 70 82 – 41 41 41 for further information, to make further enquiries or to make an order.

Edv-werbeartikel.de has 13 years of experience in selling promotional gifts, specialising in the field of promotional USB. We can also be your partner for promotional smartphone accessories,  jewellery, touchpens and many many other items! Explore the possiblities by e-mailing your enquries to info@edv-werbeartikel.de where our dedicated sales team will be happy to support you. Edv-werbeartikel.de – Trust the Experience.

Other company Websites:   tablet iphone ipad and smartphone Acessories as a promotion gift smartphone-werbeartikel.de

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